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Calendar 07.10.2010
Sports Day 28.09.2010
Recent developments 21.09.2010
For you, Aunt Tootsie 16.09.2010
Part V: Isaan! 14.09.2010
Part IV: On the Road 12.09.2010
A Brief Intermission 07.09.2010
Part III: Down South 04.09.2010
Part II: The big city. 01.09.2010
Daddy's trip. In parts. 31.08.2010
It's the little things. 26.08.2010
Don't be too jealous, but... 20.08.2010
candle festing! 07.08.2010
Bangkok to Det Udom 31.07.2010
Guess who's coming to town? 23.07.2010
A taste of what is to come... 20.07.2010
The big city. 19.07.2010
Wai Kru Day! 18.07.2010
Back in the BKK 13.07.2010
"Do you paddy field?" 08.07.2010
100! 05.07.2010
With a semester under my belt 25.06.2010
Welcome to the Rainy Season 12.06.2010
A festival with a danger zone 08.06.2010
Still playing catch up 04.06.2010
Calm 21.05.2010
Things have gotten ugly. 19.05.2010
Songkran is the New Mardi Gras 17.05.2010
Hey Thailand... 16.05.2010
Nepal Part II 01.05.2010
For your information 26.04.2010
Safe and sound 22.04.2010
Nepal Part I 21.04.2010
Accomplished. 28.03.2010
a weekend trip 27.03.2010
Biding my time 19.03.2010
Away from one danger 17.03.2010
Bloody protests 16.03.2010
Beware the Ides of March 15.03.2010
BKK-KTM 14.03.2010
Meal time. 11.03.2010
Fern (Gully) Resort 08.03.2010
I am independent once again 23.02.2010
I was to be in Laos by now 15.02.2010
Surrealism at its best 11.02.2010
I need to have faith in more than just my football team 10.02.2010
Sorry my life's been a bit boring lately 04.02.2010
The Saints won! 28.01.2010
Keeping the faith 24.01.2010
The weekend I made Thai Jambalaya 21.01.2010
Let's celebrate Christmas again! 19.01.2010
On a more serious note 18.01.2010
All the cool kids were born in January. 14.01.2010
Experiences, not excuses. 12.01.2010
Hanging out up north 09.01.2010
I need to travel more. 07.01.2010
Happy New Year! 03.01.2010
This holiday cheer brought to you my Mr. Frost 25.12.2009
Photos! Finale 22.12.2009
Photos! Take two. 21.12.2009
Photos! 18.12.2009
Saffron and Pink 13.12.2009
Chapter 8 of the Bicycle Chronicles 12.12.2009
Campus Walk 07.12.2009
Thanksgiving had everything 02.12.2009
Truckbeds, waterfalls, and skyshots 23.11.2009
HiLo 18.11.2009
Because I am in a list-y mood. 11.11.2009
I think I have stumbled onto the Louisiana of Thailand. 11.11.2009
I have an address! And I love letters! 09.11.2009
A quiet weekend 07.11.2009
Last night, I handed my pride over to some ants 05.11.2009
A few photos of where I live... 05.11.2009
It's real now. 04.11.2009
Goodbye Bangkok 01.11.2009
Teacher! Teacher! 29.10.2009
Full days 25.10.2009
So much Thai 23.10.2009
Accomplishments 14.10.2009
Musings on Education 08.10.2009
If I get any more free stuff, I'll need an extra bag 06.10.2009
Why hello there, Bangkok... 03.10.2009
Thirty days hath September... 23.09.2009
Congrès Mondial Acadien 2009 08.09.2009
Bringing things up to speed 27.08.2009
Deutschland 04.08.2008
I am the worst procrastinator 30.07.2008
Ireland, 19.05.2008
Finding my redheaded roots 09.05.2008
I had winter break in February 31.03.2008
Once I get back stateside 27.03.2008
the glorious reunification of the roommates 08.03.2008
The Mardi Gras Saga 28.02.2008
Carnaval! 27.02.2008
I am a huge procrastinator 27.02.2008
a holiday posting 10.01.2008
So this one time I went to London 04.01.2008
It's nearly Christmas vacation! 20.12.2007
Les étudiants répondent: 20.11.2007
Quick Update 16.11.2007
The only thing grave about a grève is its accent 08.11.2007
C'est l'Halloween! 03.11.2007
I went to Amsterdam and didn't do anything illegal 03.11.2007
What better way to feel cultured 26.10.2007
I miss Hendrix internet and laundry rooms 21.10.2007
I have class 12.10.2007
we felt like shaking things up a bit 11.10.2007
All this, too, can be yours 05.10.2007
I don't mind being without electricity 05.10.2007
Lille has culture 30.09.2007
Film Analysis 27.09.2007
En garde! 26.09.2007
Fairs, fireworks, and food 19.09.2007
As much as I love mail... 14.09.2007
it's a bit difficult typing on a French keyboard 14.09.2007
I am alive... 12.09.2007
preparations 29.08.2007
Rwanda 28.07.2007
oh so true 16.06.2007
why hello there 14.06.2007